Mission: Music – Accomplished!!

It’s nearly the end of the school year!  This week is the last week of the semester for my students.  After our final studio recitals of the year tonight, we’ll all be taking a couple of well-earned weeks off before summer lessons start.   Hooray!

This week, I’m celebrating with all of my students who have successfully completed our Mission: Music incentive program (check out this post with more details about the incentive).   Nearly all of my elementary and middle school students opted to participate in this year’s incentive.  We’ve worked all year to log practice minutes, master technique, ear training and sightreading challenges, learn a variety of repertoire, and even complete a handful of creative projects.  

At the beginning of the year I told my students that they’d receive a special surprise if they completed the entire incentive.   Here’s a peek at what was waiting for them at lessons this week:

So many of my elementary students get a kick out of pressing the Easy Button that sits by my piano, I thought it was time they all had their own.   They’ve been a big hit!  In addition to the easy buttons, I presented each student with a Mission: Music Certificate.

The certificates are now available with the rest of the Mission: Music incentive printables on the studio aids page, for any of you who might happen to use the incentive program.  

Mission: Music Completion Certificate
Mission: Music Completion Certificate
Mission Music Certificate.pdf
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  1. I bought an Easy Button a month or two ago for my studio, and it’s been a big hit. Just this morning, before reading your post, I was thinking about how motivating it would be to the kids if they each had a chance to earn their own. Of course, then I risk irritating the mom with 3 young kids in my studio as well as devaluing my own Easy Button in my students’ eyes. I’m curious to know if that happens for your students! But I can see tying it to a summer practice incentive that I’m formulating since about half of my students (including the family of 3!) take the summer off.

    • Hi Betsy!

      I’ve given out Easy Buttons twice now (the last time was enough years ago that those students are now beyond their incentive program days), and both times the response was overwhelmingly positive. Having their own hasn’t seemed to keep the kids from tapping mine when they’re at lessons (in fact, a couple of kids have told me they keep their easy button in reach of their piano at home, just like mine is at the studio!). Good luck with your summer practice incentive – you’ll have to let me know if you end up going with the Easy Buttons!

  2. Thanks, Class Piano! One of my favorite things about this particular incentive is that it’s really just a syllabus of all of the skills that we work on during the course of a year of lessons. The map just made it a little more fun to check off our goals as we completed them!

  3. Hi, Jessica,

    You can get the Easy Buttons from Staples: http://www.staples.com/Staples-Easy-Button/product_606396

    I gave these out as my end-of-year reward for students who finished their incentive program goals. When you push the button, it says “That was easy!” I’ve had one sitting beside my piano for years. My students enjoy pushing it after they’ve mastered a piece to the point that it’s “easy” to play. It’s kind of a silly toy, but they all seem to like it!

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