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It’s starting to feel like spring here in Kansas… which means that our annual theory exams are just around the corner!   At last week’s group lessons, we pulled out LOTS of fun theory games to review the theory concepts we’ve been learning all year.   Here’s a look at a couple of new BINGO games we tried out:

Flashcard BINGO – Letter Names

This BINGO game is designed to be really flexible.   All you need to play is a deck of flashcards that can be answered with a letter of the music alphabet (i.e. notes on the staff, piano keys, etc.).    Students take turns as the BINGO “caller” by naming the note they see on a flashcard.   When a student correctly identifies a note, every student is allowed to add a gamepiece to their BINGO board.   

What I loved about this game was the fact I could adapt it easily to different levels of students by simply changing what flashcards I used.  My first-year students identified piano key names and a small range on notes on the staff.  My second-year students identified a larger range of notes on the staff, and so on.   You could easily use this to get in a little extra practice on “trouble” spots on the staff – like those pesky bass clef notes nobody likes to learn!

You can download the set of 6 BINGO boards on the Games Page.   If you need flash cards, there are several sets that could be used with this (including a giant-sized set of grand staff cards that are a great size for group games) on the Flash Cards Page.

Flashcard BINGO – Key Signatures

This version of flashcard BINGO adds accidentals, and is designed to be used with Key Signature Flash Cards.    You can find the BINGO boards on the Games Page, and a set of Key Signature Flash Cards on the Flash Cards Page.  (Look for a file called “Key Signature Matching Cards” – the printable file includes a set of cards that can be used for several games.)


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  1. Thank you for your Flashcard BINGO game. I am always looking for different games to play with my beginners, and this game has a more advanced version, too! We enjoy so many of your games. Thank you for sharing them.

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