Accidental Adventure

It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve posted a new game!  We’ve reached the time of year where my students and I begin preparing in earnest for spring theory exams, and that means it’s time for LOTS of theory games in our group lessons.   This month, a couple of my elementary groups needed to review a whole list of concepts related to accidentals (sharps and flats, enharmonic notes, whole and half steps, etc.), so I decided to come up with a something new that would let us cover several concepts all at once.   Here’s a peek at Accidental Adventure:

I picked up this Eggspert Quizzing System after Christmas, and was anxious to try it out with my students.  (Many thanks to Wendy at ComposeCreate for sharing about this fantastic little teaching aid – it was a BIG hit with the kids!)   For this game we used the “Wheel of Fortune” setting that randomly chooses a color.   If you don’t have an Eggspert system, you could easily play this game with a 6-colored spinner or a dice with colored stickers applied.  

Each of the colored decks of cards in the picture above asks a different kind of accidental-related question:

Pink Cards: Correctly Draw an Accidental (you'll need to laminate cards and use a dry erase marker)

Orange Cards: Name a note that is an enharmonic equivalent

Yellow Cards: Identify whole and half steps

Green Cards: Name a note on the staff with an accidental

Blue Cards: Answer a True or False question about enharmonic notes

Purple Cards: Decide if an accidental question has been answered correctly or incorrectly


Here’s how to play:
Place the 6 decks of cards in a row, face down.  Divide students into 2 teams and select a team to play first.  For each turn, the team will use the Eggspert, spinner or die to randomly determine a color, then draw a card from the corresponding deck and answer the question.  If the team answers correctly, they may keep the card.  If they answer incorrectly, the card is returned to the bottom of the desk.  Play continues with the next team.

The object of the game is to collect the most cards by the end of a designated amount of time.  Each deck contains several “Bonus” cards that add a fun and random element to the game.  A set of directions, including a list of bonus cards and how they are used, is included in the game file.  

You can download the game file from the Free Games page of this site.   The file contains a page of instructions for assembly and play.  

I’m also posting a short worksheet I used with my groups to review accidental placement before we played Accidental Adventure:

This worksheet is available for download on the Free Theory Sheets page.   Enjoy!

Accidental Placement Worksheet
Accidental Placement Worksheet
Accidental Placement Worksheet.pdf
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Accidental Adventure
Accidental Adventure
Accidental Adventure.pdf
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