Google Currents – Pianimation Edition

It’s time for a guest post!  My wonderful, tech-savvy husband, Nathan, has long worked behind the scenes of my website and blog.  Over the holiday break he worked on a fun new way for readers with mobile devices to follow blog posts.   If you like to keep up with news “on-the-go” you’ll want to check out the details below:

Google Currents - Pianimation - iPad


Pianimation is now available on Google Currents

If you are using an Apple or Android device to read this blog post, and you already have Google Currents installed, I invite you to click here to add the Pianimation Edition.

Google Currents is a touch optimized news-reader and magazine app recently released by Google. It is now available for download in the Android Market and the Apple App Store for US users only. It’s been called one of the best apps of 2011.

I keep up with my favorite blogs in many ways: email, Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter. Google Currents is just another option. It’s main advantage over RSS readers and other apps lies in it’s ability to display content elegantly when you are not connected to the internet. My iPad is the WiFi only version, and Google Currents lets me read articles when I’ve got time to kill and no internet connection.  (Although… it’s still a fun way to read articles when you are connected :)).  

The content found in the Google Currents Pianimation Edition is basically the same content that you’ll find via any other method of reading the Pianimation blog. However, I am playing around with some options in the Mobile Resources section that you’ll see in the edition. We’ll see if it amounts to much, but I’m hoping to make resources for mobile (Apple and Android) devices easier to find and use (when connected to the internet) from that page.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section below.

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