Piano Learning Center

It’s been awfully quiet around this blog lately!  I apologize for the scarcity of posts these last few weeks.   October is always the “busy” month of the fall for me – full of student recitals, festivals, master lessons and concerts.  You name it, and we’ve probably done it this month!!

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on a couple of big projects for my local association (more about those when they’re done…).  In doing a little web research for one of those this week, I stumbled upon across a wonderful resource for pianists and piano teachers.

Check out this Piano Learning Center Page on the Piano Technician’s Guild website:

This site is full of lesson plans and printables.   On the teacher’s page, you’ll find resources to teach your students about how a piano works, the history of the piano, even experiments to let them explore the physics of sound.   In addition to that, there are also a number of games and activities to teach and reinforce musicianship concepts, and a few things that are just plain fun (like an origami pattern your students can print and fold into the shape of an upright piano!).    The student section also includes a couple of online games that would be suitable for home or lab use.  

If you haven’t ever run across this site, it’s definitely worth a look.   Be prepared, though… there’s enough to discover here, you’ll be at the computer for a while!!

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