A Little Monday Fun….

Let me start with a disclaimer:  This post has absolutely NO educational value.  That said, I couldn’t resist sharing. 🙂  

I discovered this little piece of student artwork last night as I was digging through my office closet, pulling out supplies for the new studio incentive I’m working on at the moment.   A former student drew this on a marker board one day as she was waiting on a sibling’s lesson and presented it to me before they left.

Anyone want to venture a guess about what it is that’s supposed to be in my hand?????


A Little Monday Fun…. — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing that..it made me smile on an otherwise tired end of term morning of planning. ( in the uk we havent broken up for the summer break yet!) Whatever you may be holding in the picture, you are still smiling! that’s a plus!

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the object in your hand. You have a crown on your head; that’s likely a good thing!

  3. haha that made me laugh 🙂 …made my day actually! thanks for sharing!! and I agree with Heather…the crown is a good sign!

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