Hands On Rhythms – New British Edition

For all of my friends and colleagues who live in the U.K., Australia and other places around the world that prefer the term crotchet to quarter note….   I’m happy to announce the availability of a new version of my Hands On Rhythms curriculum with British English note terms.

I’ve had requests from a couple of teachers for a version of the Teacher’s Guide and Student Workbook with the British terms – so here it is!  I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve had to think in terms of quavers and crotchets, and after updating the books I can totally understand how frustrating it would be for many of you and your students to try to use a book with American terms!!

The Hands On Rhythms curriculum includes 24 lessons, each featuring a different elementary rhythm pattern or concept.  Students experience the pattern using ALL of their senses – they move, touch, hear, sing and see the rhythms through short activities, then have opportunity to write or draw in their workbook.  At the end of each lesson, they apply their knowledge at the piano through creative improvising, composing and ensemble challenges. It’s a fun and playful way to teach rhythm to elementary students, and especially helpful for students who struggle in that particular department.

You can read more details about the curriculum in this blog post, or on the Hands On Rhythms page of the site store.

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