KCMTA presents Musikopoly

For any of you who happen to live in the Kansas City/Lawrence/Topeka areas, you’ll want to take note of a wonderful concert experience happening this Sunday!  Details about the Kansas City Music Teachers annual Multi-Piano concert are below.

For those of you who aren’t in the KC area… stay tuned!  I know it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog as of late.   I’ve been privileged to chair this event for the last two years, and it turns into a nearly full-time job as the concerts approach!  However, once the dust settles, I’m VERY excited to share a post about some of this year’s repertoire.   Each year, our concerts feature duet repertoire, ranging in level from late elementary to advanced, and this year’s concert has some real gems.  (I realized during a lesson this week that I’ve been teaching the same piece to 3 students, some of them since last June, and am not a bit tired of it.  That’s a keeper!!).   Plus… we’re drawing to the end of MTNA’s Year of Collaborative Music, so what better time to talk about duets?!?

(And yes… for any of you who caught this, the name of the concerts IS the same as the practice incentive program I’m using this year.   We picked the theme for the concerts last spring, and as I was brainstorming incentive ideas over the summer, just kept coming back to it.  After all, who doesn’t love Monopoly?)

KCMTA Presents: “Musikopoly” Multi-Piano Concerts

Time :
Sunday, February 13 • 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM

The Lied Center of Kansas
1600 Stewart Drive
Lawrence, KS

More Info:
The Kansas City Music Teachers Association presents their 17th Annual Multi-Piano Concerts: “Musikopoly.” The concerts feature 18 duet teams performing simultaneously in a grand piano “orchestra.” This year’s event will feature over 450 performers, led by conductor Pam Williamson from Olathe Northwest High School.

Two unique programs will be presented, starting at 2 pm and 4 pm. This year’s concerts, “Musikopoly,” will showcase a sampling of the diverse genres of music that have been a part of American culture. Selections will include jazz, swing, folk, rock, classics, Latin, pop and more!

Tickets are general admission and can be purchased at the door for $5.

Facebook Event
KCMTA Website

More Youtube videos from the 2010 concert


KCMTA presents Musikopoly — 4 Comments

  1. My music teacher group in Michigan does a program similar to this, it is neat to see how other organizations do it! We had 14 grand pianos on stage this year. Where do you get all your pianos from? Hope the program goes well for you!

    • Hi Diana,

      Thanks for the well wishes – we enjoyed a wonderful weekend of concerts! It IS fun to see how other organizations run programs like this (I’ve spent some time on the web “peeking” at repertoire lists and other details I can find from other MTAs). Our venue provided us 3 pianos this year, and the rest came from two wonderful local music stores who are willing to support us. It’s always a highlight of my year to see so many grands on one stage!!


  2. Hi Jen
    just came across your web site last night
    just read the duets list , it is great , it is so nice to see what else is available out there .
    I am so glad there are teacher who is interested in multi Pianos
    just want to tell you there are new tiro books out for the younger learner

    GRAND TRIOS FOR PIANO BY MELODY BOBER bk 1-4 Alfred publishing

    these books are fantstic meaning there is no unreadable leger line !
    I am at the present trying to organise 2 sets of trio might increase to 3 sets with the song Fiesta for three Amigo from bk 2

    I love to see your list for Multi piano

    Mary Thomas Cardiff UK.

    • Hi Mary,

      Glad you enjoyed the list!! I hope you’re having fun with the new trio books. Melody Bober was the featured presenter at our State Music Teachers Association conference last month, and shared most of her new books with us. I haven’t had any students work on the trios yet, but they look fantastic!


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