Exploring Music through Multiple Senses – This Tuesday!

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to invite my Kansas City area colleagues to join me at a workshop this coming Tuesday morning (November 16th), hosted by the Kansas City Federated Music Teachers.  The session is scheduled to begin at 9:30 at Schmitt Music (119th & Metcalf in the Rosana Square shopping center).  I’ll be sharing ideas on how to incorporate multi-sensory teaching and learning strategies into lessons – with LOTS of example activities and fun manipulatives!    Here are program details:

Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes: Exploring Music Through Multiple Senses

Every student comes to music study with his or her unique learning strengths and challenges.  This session will explore ways to reach students with a variety of learning styles – visual, auditory and even tactile/kinesthetic.  Learn how a multi-sensory approach can be of benefit to all students, especially those who struggle in a traditional lesson setting.  We’ll explore the use of a variety of inexpensive props, visuals and manipulatives that will excite and engage your students in a safe, playful learning environment.  Come prepared for a hands-on workshop full of fun!

I hope to see many of you from the KC area on Tuesday morning!  For all of the rest of you, stay tuned… I’ll be posting more about some of the activities we’re discussing in the coming weeks!


Exploring Music through Multiple Senses – This Tuesday! — 2 Comments

  1. I look forward to your future posts. This sounds like such an interesting and valuable workshop… wish I could just fly over to Kansas for a day to hear it :0) !
    You have so many great printable resources. A few weeks ago I tried the “Whole Step Half Step Sprint” Game to start out one of my student’s lessons. He spotted it by my piano the next week and said, “Can we please play that game again – I love it!”
    It made my day. Its not every day a students comes begging to identify half and whole steps.

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