Lonely Note Enharmonics Game

One of my goals over the last couple of years has been to find a game to drill each of the objectives of my elementary and early intermediate theory curriculum.   I’m nearly there, but discovered while planning for group lessons this month that I didn’t have anything very exciting to drill recognition of enharmonic notes.  I already had a couple of writing activities planned, and didn’t want to use another worksheet, so after a little brainstorming, along came Lonely Note!

This card game is played like Old Maid, only instead of trying to avoid an Old Maid card, students try not to get stuck with the Lonely Note – the one who didn’t have an enharmonic pair!  The card deck has both letter names:

and pictures of notes on the staff:

The goal of the game is to match pairs enharmonic notes (letter cards to letter cards and note cards to note cards).    A game instruction card and keyboard reference diagrams are also included with the deck.  My students had a blast with this game!  I played this with small groups of students, so by the time they had worked through the entire deck, each of them had paired quite a few notes.

The game file is available for download from my studio site (scroll down to find the file).   These cards could also be used to play memory or matching games one-on-one with a student in a private lesson.

(Hint: Print the cards on heavy cardstock.  If the paper you print on is too thin, players can see “through” the cards into each other’s hands and easily locate the Lonely Note card!!)

Lonely Note Enharmonics Game
Lonely Note Enharmonics Game
Lonely Note Game.pdf
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