Great site for Halloween Resources

As I was working on putting together lesson plans over the weekend, I ran across this fantastic site that has a TON of Halloween-themed songs, games and activities:

In addition to Halloween, there are several resources for upcoming months:  colored leaves cards I’m planning to use next month, and also some Christmas activities. There are also a number of “anytime” games to play with your students.   I had a great time looking through all of the resources on this site.  Many thanks to Jeana for sharing all of her wonderful ideas!!!


Great site for Halloween Resources — 4 Comments

  1. I just checked it out and though it looks great, to download anything, you must sign-up with your Facebook account, which I don’t wish to do. Any thoughts as to how to side-step that process?

    • Hi Evelyn,

      All of the Halloween activities on my site are available for free download. I think you might be looking at the Halloween Games Package on the Sing a New Song Blog? If you click the link in the post above, it will take you right to that site, where you could ask Jeana directly about payment options.

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