Build-A-Skeleton Interval Challenge

It’s group week again in my studio!  I’ve got some new Halloween-themed games and activities planned, and thought I’d try to get them all posted toward the beginning of this week in case anyone else was looking for some last-minute ideas for holiday-themed activities to use in lessons.

To review intervals this week, my students will have a spooky task: put together a skeleton puzzle!  I found this terrific site with a large-scale printable skeleton:

To play this game, students are divided into 2 (or more) teams.  Each team receives a deck of interval cards and a complete, unassembled skeleton.  Choose a team to go first.  They begin by identifying an interval, then adding a corresponding number of bones to their skeleton.  Play continues with each team taking turns in sequence.  The first team to complete a skeleton wins!

The interval cards in the picture are available on my website (scroll down and look for a file named “Interval Tower Cards“).  This game could easily be adapted to review note and rest values by using a different set of cards.    If you’re feeling crafty, you could also replace the skeleton and use this game for other months – perhaps a turkey with lots of feathers for November, or a Christmas Tree and ornaments for December!


Build-A-Skeleton Interval Challenge — 10 Comments

  1. Just searching the web for ideas for games to play at my Halloween group lesson and found this! Thank you thank you thank you! I would love it if you posted more!!!!!!

  2. Jen, Thanks so much for you cute Halloween ideas. I’ve got group Halloween piano party tomorrow and plan to use several of these. For this Skeleton Interval Game, did you let me put bones whereever they wanted as long as it was the correct interval number?

    • Saundra –

      Yes, I let them assemble the skeleton however they wanted to – and had a few interesting “variations”!! There is a “cheat sheet” that prints with the file so those that want to put it together the “right” way know how.

  3. Thanks so much for your ideas. I was looking for something to get us through to the end of the year and found all these great games and things to use all year long. I am so excited to try all the interval games. I just have been teaching my 4th graders intervals and these will make it stick. Yeah!!!!! You have the best ideas. Thanks so much for sharing them. I just got excited about next year.

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