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Rehearsals and recitals and auditions, oh my!  Between a full calendar of student activities this month (and another exciting project I’m looking forward to sharing soon), blogging has taken a backseat the last couple of weeks.   My plan is to play catch-up this week and post some odds and ends from last month’s group lessons… before this months groups roll around!

I’ve added two new worksheets to my website that we used in the theory portion of last month’s groups.   I used the first with late elementary students to introduce the order of flats and sharps:

We built scales together on a floor keyboard, working our way around the circle of 5ths.  As they discovered each new accidental, they could add it to their list.  I’m not a huge fan of pneumonic devices, but when it comes to the order of accidentals, they do seem to help – especially when they’re something funny or memorable that students invent themselves.  At group, we made up sentences together, going around the circle and each adding one word.  We came up with some pretty bizarre sentences!   I sent students home with the worksheets and asked them to add another sentence themselves to bring back and share at their next lesson.

In more advanced groups, I wanted to do a quick review of identifying and writing key signatures. I used this handy worksheet from the PedaPlus site to drill identification, but after a quick search wasn’t able to find anything out on the net that asked students to write key signatures (I especially wanted something that mixed up the order of the keys).    There’s probably something like this already out there, but I decided after a few minutes that it would be quicker just to write my own rather than spend lots of time searching, so came up with this:

Both files are available for download off my studio site. Check back later this week for new rhythm and game cards!




Order of Accidentals Worksheet
Order of Accidentals Worksheet
Order of Sharps and Flats.pdf
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Write Major Key Signatures
Write Major Key Signatures
Write Major Signatures(2).pdf
Version: PDF File
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  1. Hi Jen! 😀

    Thanks for linking my website Isn’t it great that we can connect with teachers from all over the world and share ideas and our love of music? The internet can truly be amazing.

    I love your ideas for the sharps and flats. Just wanted to let you know I posted a ‘poster’ on my site with a mnemonic for the sharps I have been using with my students for yonks. Because it is a little bizzare, they haven’t forgotten it, not even under the stress of theory examinations; ‘Father Christmas Gets Drunk After Each Beer’ complete with Christmassy coloured writing and a Santa with a pink lampshade on his head and glass in one hand!

    Have a fantastic day.

    Di Denley

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