New Smile-O-Meter Cards

Last spring, I made up some simple “Smile-O-Meter” evaluation cards to help my elementary students learn to critique themselves and each other after performances at group lessons.  They had a great time filling in smiley faces, and the cards have since become a staple at group lessons.   I use them frequently in private lessons, too.  When I want a student to self-assess their progress on a particular piece, I just pull out a Smile-O-Meter card and ask them to fill it out so we can see which areas still need work.

This fall, I decided to make a second version of the cards, specifically to use in private lessons.   Three of the categories (notes, rhythm and details) are the same, but for the last category I substituted technique for performance.    While good hand shape comes naturally to many of my elementary students, I have a handful who have to concentrate harder to make it happen.  This way everyone gets a reminder!

I still plan to use the original cards in group – technique is a hard category for elementary students to assess in their peers, and when my studio is full for group lessons, not everyone gets a seat where they can see the performer’s hands.     Both versions are now available for download on my studio site.

Smile-O-Meter Evaluation Cards, Version B
Smile-O-Meter Evaluation Cards, Version B
Smile-O-Meter Cards with Tech.pdf
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New Smile-O-Meter Cards — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks! I used your smile-o-meter cards last year when I had my recital rehearsal. I laminated them so they could be re-usable. Students just used a dry eraser marker to mark the face. They worked great!

  2. These are great! I used them at my end of summer piano party last week and the kids all went home with a handful of feedback from their peers & I didn’t have to say anything except “good job!” Thanks so much!

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