Interval Worksheets

When it comes to teaching music theory, I’m much more of a hands-on teacher than a workbook teacher.   In fact, several years ago I stopped using written theory books with my elementary students and transitioned to a games and manipulative-based curriculum, supplemented by some computer drills.   But… I do have a handful of students, mostly older, who really learn best through a written, workbook/sheet driven approach.  On top of that, I also have a number of students who will be taking written theory exams this weekend.  So, I found myself on the net yesterday looking for some supplemental worksheets to drill interval qualities.

I didn’t have much luck, so rather than take the time to keep digging, I pulled up Finale and zipped out a couple of worksheets.  They’re nothing fancy (no fun graphics), but they’ll do the trick this week!

In case anyone prepping students for theory exams would find these useful, Both files are available for download on my studio site.

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