Dizzy Fifths Spinner Game

Just enough time today for a quick post before students start to arrive for the evening…

I mentioned last week that I had raided my studio closet to come up with enough games and activities to review a year’s worth of theory in group classes.  In doing so, I pulled out some of my favorite “old” games that hadn’t been off the shelf in a while.

Here’s one that I created a few years ago.  This “Dizzy Fifths” spinner game drills key signatures & the Circle of 5ths:

The gameboard is a simple blank circle of 5ths with an arrow spinner.  To play, I divide students into two teams.  Each team receives a wet erase marker and a deck of cards with sharp and flat names.  The first team spins the arrow and fills in the name of the major and minor key where it lands.  Play continues back and forth until one team spins and the arrow lands on a set of blanks that have already been filled in.  The teams then use their cards to lay out the contents of that key in order (i.e. if the arrow lands on E Major, they would lay out F#, C#, G# and D# cards in order).

I sometimes get tired of using lots of card games in lessons (cards are so easy to create, I’ve got a LOT of card games!)  The spinner takes a little more work to assemble, but gives some nice variety in a lesson where I’ve planned several theory games.   I’ve included instructions detailing how I made mine with the game file.   If you’ve never made a spinner game before, you can also do a quick online search and find several diagrams and suggested materials.

The game is available for download on my studio website.  The file includes the game board, playing cards, instructions for assembling the spinner board and instructions for play.    There are also a couple of Circle of 5ths handouts (one complete and one blank) available on the site that I often use in conjunction with this game.  (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Theory Sheets page to find them).

Dizzy Fifths Spinner Game
Dizzy Fifths Spinner Game
Dizzy 5ths Spinner Game.pdf
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Dizzy Fifths Spinner Game — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Heidi,

    You’re very welcome. I hope your students enjoy them! Thanks for dropping by – I’m going to enjoy reading through all of your game ideas as well!

    Jennifer Fink

  2. Thank you for this post. I have been working on the circle of fifths with a few of my students and this looks like a fun way to reinforce the concepts. Your spinner gave me an idea to make the game more challenging for older students! I use the staff pack & magic notes by Michiko Yurko (author of “Music Mind Games”) for many theory concepts with my students. http://www.musicmindgames.com/staffslate is Michiko’s website page on the staff slate. Anyway, we have been working on placing the sharps and flats correctly when spelling key signatures. I can’t wait to incorporate your spinner into this! I have many siblings, and it will be fun to have them first work together to fill the spinner out, then spin and race to see who can spell the key signature correctly the fastest! I like to use “gold coins” to keep score with activities like this. I can’t wait until my students are back from spring break and i get to try out your new spinner! Thanks again!! eliz pierce

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