Major & Minor Dash & B-I-N-G-O

Since many of my elementary students are working on Halloween sheet music for a recital this weekend, we’ve been talking quite a bit about the difference betwen major and minor this month.

For this week’s group lessons, I printed 2 signs with a picture of a house on each.  One was a haunted house (I simply printed a copy of this coloring page on orange paper), and the other a gingerbread house (from another coloring page printed on pink paper).  I asked the students to try to imagine what music might be playing in each house.  We then hung the signs on opposite sides of my studio.   I played short examples at the piano and asked students to run to stand by whichever sign fit my music.  Once they had mastered that, I improvised a longer song that switched back and forth between major and minor and had students run back and forth from sign to sign as they heard the music change. 

Major-Minor Bingo Cards

I also made up some quick Major-minor BINGO cards to use as a listening drill.  Students picked out a given number of candy pieces, then had to decide if each scale, chord or melody I played fit a smiling or frowning face.    The first student to get to BINGO each round got to eat one of his game pieces! 

The BINGO cards are available for download on my studio website.   Each prints on a standard 8 1/2 x 11 page, then trims to an 8 x 8 size.

Major/Minor Bingo
Major/Minor Bingo
Major-Minor Bingo.pdf
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